War for the Crown - Chapter 2: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur

Session #11: Book 2, Part 1 - Scion
The Scion of the Betony Estate attend the Tanager Jubilee

A relatively quiet week has passed in the city. Much of Taldor runs on routine, without the need for direct oversight, and while an eerie quiet fell over the city, the citizens maintained their daily lives with little disruption. Talk in the street focused heavily on the Exaltation Massacre and the War for the Crown, with everything from accurate news to wild speculation making the rounds. For now, at least, Oppara seemed to be holding its breath, waiting to see if civil war is inevitable. 

After the party has had time to rest and attend to their own matters, Martella sent word to meet her at the Porthmos Club—an exclusive teahouse in Oppara's Aroden's View district. She instructed the party to pack for a long trip through the country, and to bring at least one fine outfit, a suitable hunting outfit, and at least one respectable mask or costume. After a light lunch and small talk, a coach containing all party members and Martella Lotheed departed north. Handing Kyra a sealed scroll case, she explains her plan of forging documents that announce Kyra as the scion to the House Betony since no heir has stepped forward since Lady Allias Betony’s death in nearly a decade.

Martella goes on to explain that her family, The Lotheeds, are tribune to the secondary royal estate in Taldor, the Birdsong Palace in Meratt County.  With her father now gone, her half-brother Bartelby has been squandering the estate’s fortunes and denies audience to Lady Eutropia.  Martella instructs the party to attend the Tanager Jubilee, use their charms to ensure an easy fit into local society, and then use their skills and alliances to subtly change the county for the better. Only then, once they have won over the hearts of the locals, are they to take the Palace of Birdsong back from the Lotheed family on behalf of Princess Eutropia. With secure alliances, they can then openly show their allegiances and invite their neighbors to join them, using Meratt as a template for what positive changes may await Taldor under Princess Eutropia.  She hands the group three vials of her home made concoction she calls Styx oil.  A substance which will allow them to erase the last few minutes of memory from someone if they were to make a mistake.

After two more days of travelling, Martella departs and takes her own carriage towards Cassomir just before the group enters Meratt county.   After only a few short miles in Meratt, the group is temporarily waylaid by a throng of local merchants trying to make ends meet by selling common wares.  They complain repeatedly about the woes of Bartelby and his cronies, particularly concerned with Sir Gul Gusairne, one of the Lotheed cousins who serves as the count’s secret police.  A few mention word of the vigilante rumors of the Night Swan and the hopes that he will take out Bartelby or find some way to help him, but most seem generally unconcerned with situations that won’t improve their own stature.

The carriage sets off once more and after two more days of travel the party arrives at their destination, a magnificent, vast two-story palace built around a central gallery, and a tower behind the west wing.  Approaching the palace, the party is met by nearly 40 guests, all being fussed over by an army of servants sporting bird masks.  Shortly thereafter they are approached by a well-dressed handsome man, Count Bartelby Lotheed, steward of the county of Meratt, landgrave of the Hyden Marches, and tribune of Lotheedar.  Kyra quickly uses her social skills along with the information she learned from Martella to impress the Count and make his acquaintance.

As hors d'oeuvres are served at the party, the group quickly spills out in different directions and begins to influence a variety of public figures. Feeling at ease in this social setting, the party quickly begins to influence some of the major players at this event, such as Baron Nicolaus Okerra, Dame Parthena Crabbe with her daughter Sepsinia, Grace Baroness Legate Adella Voinum and Onora Piscum.    As they begin to social and learn useful information about each of the key personalities at the event, they also try to create potential allies for Eutropia in the future.

As morning turns to afternoon, the tournament approaches. The count's servants have erected a list, a tilt, and stands for a joust, complete with colorful flags and banners, and happily supply heavy horse mounts, jousting armor, and a small metal shield for guests who wish to participate but neglected to bring appropriate equipment. They also provide blunted jousting lances fitted with metal sheaths (which inflict nonlethal damage) to all competitors. The stands slowly fill with spectators, many bribed with food to come from nearby Lotheedar.  Though it takes some persuasion by his companions, Both Reina and Kail enroll themselves in the jousting tournament while Platy and Leiko enroll in the Trucco tournament.

Sessions #8 - #10
Attacking the base, rescuing Martella and defeating the haflings

The party quickly clears the warehouse of the guards and makes their way to the suspicious looking raised guardhouse on the eastern side of the building.  They are met by a grey-skinned man with a wicked looking blade that has a large smile painted on it.  Wiegraf quickly charms one of the two guards and the party engages Mr. Smiles just as he slices Kail's bloody and unconscious body within an inch of his life.  Now unconscious on the floor, the charmed guard takes the opportunity to loot Kail's dying body of some its valuable gear!

Luckily the party forces Mr. Smiles into a temporary retreat to heal while they do their own healing and close the gap and get Kail back on his feet.  Wiegraf makes his charmed buddy take his pants off for some reason just as a confused and bewildered Kail gets back on his feet.  Once back up, Kail seeks his revenge and attempts to deliver a coup de grace to the remaining guard, but he was clearly not thinking clearly as his blade was turned backwards and he does nothing more than deliver a vicious burn to the neck of the enemy.   

The other five party members all continue to engage with Mr. Smiles while Kail tries to take care of the sole beaten and unconscious guard.  Pointing his blade in the correct direction this time, he loses his grip on the bloodly blade and it slips from his hands when he attempts to deliver the coup de grace the second time.  As Kail loses his grip on the unconscious man and he falls to the floor, he hits head and dies of internal bleeding.  Satisfied with his mostly successful victory, the strength sapped Kail rejoins his party as engages Mr. Smiles.

After a long and drawn out battle full of mirror images, frightening images and grease lined floors, they defeat Mr. Smile and descend down a secret path to a floor below the warehouse.  A quick exploration leads them to discover a hallway lined with guards about to rest from their previous shift.  Kyra disguises herself as Mr. Smiles and tricks the guards into thinking that the party is just another set of guards coming on rotation.  After blocking the door and heading hte other direction, they discover some halfling assassins training for combat.   Continuing with the Mr. Smiles disguise, Kyra walks west and distracts the two halflings while with two excellently placed shots, Leiko dispatches of the haflings using Dignity's Barb. 

Continuing to make their way to the west they eventually alert the assassins through the sounds of Leiko's booming musket Numerous halfling assassins led by Wyssilka the Fantabulous, the hafling entertainer from the Exaltation Gala, leads the band who captured Martella.  Bound, gagged and beaten nearly to death, Martella sags unconscious in a chair in the far room.

The party engages in a bloody and tricky battle through the fog to eventually whittle the assassins down to Wyssilka.  Rather than questioning the leader of the assassins, Leiko executes her with a bullet through the brain as the party finally has a chance to catch their breath.   A brief discussion of looting Martella's base ensues, but Martella convinces the team to make their way from the facility and quickly figure out what has happened above.

Martella leads the party out of the safe house and to the Silent Horse inn to recuperate.   After a bit of asking the locals, the party discovers the Brotherhood of Silence was the first and only choice to go after your patron, though none can say who hired them. With rumors already reporting Grand Prince Stavianís death in the senate, the Brotherhood of Silence calls off their contract against Martella Lotheed, instead waiting to see how the brewing civil conflict, already dubbed the "War for the Crown," plays out.

Martella meets with Lady Gloriana Morilla, and the two send agents out to try to suss out the situation in the city in the wake of the massacre in the senate. It takes another 2 days to take a final accounting of the dead: a total of 78 senators slain, alongside 102 aides, defenders, family members, and staff, as well as Grand Prince Stavian III himself, in what many Taldans are already beginning to call the Exaltation Massacre.

The attackers appear to have been an assortment of mercenaries and killers from Andoran, Cheliax, and Galt, though arguments rage over who brought these assassins into the heart of Taldor's government. While the Lion Blades believe Stavian himself hired these agents, much of the Taldan citizenry is less convinced, given the emperor's own death in the violence. Many suspect Princess Eutropia or High Strategos Pythareus. With the empires central government in shambles, local governments are doing the best they can to fill the void.

Eleven major claims have been made for the throne by various nobles claiming relations to the Stavian line. Two candidates in particular, Princess Eutropia and High Strategos Maxillar Pythareus stand above the rest, and various nobles and polities have already begun arguing that their chosen scion is the true inheritor of the Primogen Crown.

During their downtime the party visits the nobles they rescued from below the senate building and collect their rewards, the most notable coming from Dame Malphene Trant who delivers a +1 rapier in appreciation of her rescue.    On the third day the party is summoned by Martella and the entire group finally meets Eutropia Stavian I, fisborn of Stavian III

She explains that in her father's paranoia, he formally adopted Maxillar Pythareus in a private ceremony to declare the general his heir. Or so Pythareus claims, and he has presented documentation to support his claim. There are even those nobles who believe the vote against primogeniture could not possibly have taken place, or was coerced by those same elements that attacked the senate.  The Ulfen Guard has sealed the palace and refuses admittance to anyone until the question is resolved. Normally this kind of issue would fall to the senate, but with the senate decimated and no emperor to approve new members… this situation is entirely unprecedented.

She thanks each of the party members by knighting them and makes them a true member of nobility.  She informs them that they are now her loyal agents and will work to secure resources and allies for her to help her reclaim the throne.

Session #7 - Exploding halflings and flying Gishvits

After the battle with the rat king Dagio, the party took note of a small hole in the ceiling of the large circular room they were in.  Since Dagio had been up there when he had attacked, they deemed it likely that they should search the hidey-hole.  After some internal discussion on who would scale the wall to climb up to the top of the 40’ hole however, it was decided it could wait.

Platy leads the group on through the secret passage to the east where she finds a room full of small humanoid prints on an otherwise dusty floor.  After the wizard declares the room magic free, the investigator checks the door leading east for traps and finds numerous daggers poised to spring out at whoever opens the door.   Fairly confident she disabled the trap, she opens the door to find a room of three halfing servants dressed similar to Imistos. 

They claim injury and ask for food, but Platy sees through their deception and can tell that they mean the party harm.   Backing up and leading two of the halflings into the prior dusty floor room on the other side of the dagger trap, combat ensues.  Reina picks up on four evil auras which is strange since there are only three halflings before them.  Imistos quickly joins the battle as he alludes to he is doing this only for the money.

The combat that ensued afterwards is a tragic tale of exploding halflings.  First, Reina launches Gishy at one of the halfling's heads where it begins to bite away with its razor sharp pages.  Leiko lines up shot after shot and blasts halflings with her muskets, watching the heads explode on the next two halfling assassins.  The gishvit continues to gnaw away at a halfling while Leiko ones more destroys the last one as he tries to flee to the north east.

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When the combat is over, Kail ties up the last remaining halfling for interrogation as the party revisits the previous locations to gather all the remaining valuable items they can.  They trade one last time with the kobold merchant, visit the vault guardian and check out a final item and finally climb up to Dagio’s hidey hole.  On the body of one of the halflings they find a note that details these halflings were dispatched to assassinate Martella and their party.  Any prisoners were to be brought to the Dignified Repository.  The note was signed The Fantabulous Killer of the Brotherhood of Silence.  That is the second time in two days that they had heard the word Fantabulous, was it a coincidence that the jester in the senate building that Leiko failed to impress also was known as the Wyssilka The Fantabulous?

Finally agreeing to do the climbing, Reina methodically makes her way above and finds a piss filled room that make sher sick to her stomach.  A quick search finds a ring, a spellbook and some rubies.  By the time the hole is cleaned out, Kail complains that he is feeling quite weak from the daggers of those assassins, his strength seemingly sapped from his body.  Reina comments she still hasn’t recovered from that piss filled rat hole above either.

The party finally exits the building and escorts the six remaining nobles to safety.  Lord Wilfen Botoles, Malphene Trant, Jowuan Zubari, Lady Gael Urbaen, Lord Nocious Flamut all tell the party to visit their estates the following day for the reward that they were each promised.

As the party exits the building, they discover the grounds of the senate is a massacre.  Bodies of civilians, nobles and military personnel lay everywhere.  Official reports remain unclear; some insist foreign assassins struck out at Taldor, while others claim the infamous Pathfinder Society attempted a coup, and still others claim the grand prince himself attempted to execute the entire senate.  Surviving senators have fled to their respective strongholds, while the Ulfen Guard has secured the imperial palace and refuses to admit anyone until the matter of succession is cleared. Both Grand Prince Stavian III and Princess Eutropia are missing in the aftermath of Stavian’s attempted slaughter. The city remains in a tenuous state of peace, but the issue of succession is already beginning the divide the aristocracy into a dozen different camps, each insisting its candidate alone has a right to the throne.

The party is approached by a Pathfinder agent of Lady Glorianna Morilla, leader of the Sovereign Court.  He rushes the party to her war room where both sides fill each other in on what has happened.  She lets the party know that their spymaster, Martella Lotheed, is missing and she fears the worst.  When the party fill her in on Martella’s last communique, they quickly narrow the location where she likely being held to a warehouse called the Dignified Repository.

The party quickly makes their way to a large warehouse and surveys the scene from the bushes.  A quick scouting of the area reveals two guards patrolling the perimeter of the building.  Kyra attempts to disguises herself as a card as Reina begins to bribe the guards for beer.  While the guards are distracted, Leiko attempts to pick the lock into the warehouse but accidently jams the lock instead.

While the guards are distracted the party opens the next door into the warehouse where a group of four guards are playing cards at a table.  Acting quickly, Weigraf creates a pit underneath of them and sends the four guards and the table plummeting down below.  The guards all survive and begin shouting and raising the alarm.  It would seem that the stealthy approach was now being thrown out and a brute force assault of the warehouse would be required.

Session #6 - My little Gishy
"Why Kail, it looks like you found a valuable supply of ancient teakwood!"

As the party rests through the night, they receive a string of messages from Martella Lotheed every few hours.  Through her messages to them she indicates that an organized force is fighting back and that High Strategos Maxillar Pythareus has been seen walking through the enemy with impunity.

Kyra Erantide finishes influencing Dame Malphene Trant, convincing her that her bullying ways were wrong and winning her loyalty over to their side.

Resuming their exploration of the dungeon they are in, they head back to the library with the guardian scroll and head south.  As they make their way through this room, four gishvits hop off the shelves and engage the party as they try to stealz their mindz into their pages.  In rapid succession, Content Not Found: weigraff, Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa and Kyra Erantide each obliterate one of the gishvits.

Reina opens her bag and she, Kyra Erantide, Platy Puss and Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille all sway the last creature to enter the bag while the wizard plucks books off shelves and begins pursuing them.   Platy Puss is convinced that either they are going to capture the creature, or its razor sharp pages are going to clamp around Reina’s face.  The gishvit slowly moves into Reina’s bag and she declares that she has named the book Gishagafet, or Gishy for short.

The party moves south into the vault.  A tiny, flying creature known as an arbiter inevitable declares himself the curator and tells the party what he has in stock.  They select and successfully check out a +1 breastplate and learn Daggio checked out a wand of shocking grasp before heading back north to the next unexplored area.  

Growing impatient of waiting for Platy Puss, Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille opens the door to the next room and steps in just as dozens of beams collapse from the ceiling around and on top of him.  Platy Puss rushes into the room and identifies the petrified teak wood that fell on him as quite valuable.  From the rear Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa chimes in that they should pick that up so they can get some bullets from it!

With the passageway north blocked, they turn west through the door into a room with a cheerful kobold merchant named Mimips.  They engage with him buying and selling several different items including some magical bracers, potions and a cloak while getting rid of some china, trophies and other mundane gear from previous locations.  Mimips the merchant explains the room to the west has a sinkhole that leads into the Darklands and that the party should probably stay away from there and mentions avoiding the bloody room to the north at all costs.

So the party immediately moves north into the bloody room where Platy Puss and Content Not Found: weigraff look at the bloody walls and are terrified by the sight.  A brief vision flashes by of a failed experiment involving a summoning circle and an a rat.  Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa squeezes her eyes shut and manages to to avoid opening them in the bloody circle room.

A double locked door blocks their path, but using the key they got from Viecar for one and lock picking skills from Platy Puss, they barely manages to bypass the locked door.  As the party fans out into the huge circular room beyond the locked door, Platy Puss quickly notes a secret door in the southeast and a small sized hole in the ceiling.  While studying these two locations a voice booms tauntingly above, declaring himself King of the Tangents.  The party assumes this to be Daggio the rat, but cannot find from where he is speaking.  This is revealed soon when he alls two swarms of rats out of the walls and onto the party.  

Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa manages to trap one swarm in the previously bleeding wall room, but is forced to finally open her eyes as the rats nip and bite at her ankles.  After finishing the rat swarms, the party engages in a ranged battle with Dagio who is launching invisible attacks above.  Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille fires an error with magical light on it and sinks it into the rat which proves to be the beginning of his downfall.  The party leverages that information and launches continued attacks at him, including blinding him and making him sparkly for all to see.

The finding blow on the rat causes him to fall a full 40 feet and land on Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa’s face, teeth first.

Session #5 - ARROW-DEAN and the guardian scroll

After the party finishes stuffing all of the loot from the display cases into Kyra Erantide’s remaining free space, they continue on to the east.  Platy Puss opens the door into what appears to be a room full of taxidermied animals.  After search the room briefly, two wolves in the corner rise up to howl but fall apart in the process.  Moments later the large griffon in the center of the room tries to flap its wings, but one of them tears off and falls to the ground.

Apparently this seemed like just the right moment for Platy Puss to poke the broken griffon.  As a spring pops out of the large broken bird, it rips its feet from the display post and animates as it slashes Platy Puss with its last remaining good claw.

Kail runs int to be get on the front line as the party engages.  Platy Puss pokes the griffon again and Kail critical smashes a huge section of the construct.  As more springs pop out, Reina Cailean and Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa fire away at the large bird.  Clearly focused on Platy Puss, the bird continues to claw and bite her until she collapses to the ground a bloody mess.  Kail finally finishes off the large bird, Reina Cailean stabilizes Platy Puss and the cleric Zubari comes in to offer some additional healing to the party.  Platy Puss has to pull Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa from the room as she gets on her hands and needs gathering up springs and other items that could possibly be sold for money.  As the party heads north she can be heard shouting, DUDE MAN, THOSE ARE BULLETS BACK THERE!”

The group moves north into a dusty, long east-west corridor before turning west and opening the next closed door to the south.  Kail walks into a room full of banners and standards and proclaims its empty except for some squares and leaves.  The ever vigilant Platy Puss takes note of numerous CIRCLES drawn over several flags and declares them clearly the work of a mathematical mind.  Kyra Erantide comes into the room and begins to chase Kail around the room in circles as she proclaims the others left with all of the light.  After Kail walks into a dust covered banner and crashes into the wall loudly, Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa comes back to help light their way.

Moving west and south once more Platy Puss declares the door safe and pries it open.  A large, wide room stretches to the south and is filled with plants and berries.   At the far end of the room Platy Puss notes the symbol of Aroden over the roof of a small temple.  Additionally, the party takes note of a potion on a table in the plants.  Weigraf Shlok tries to use ‘Wizard Hand’ to pull the potion to him but shrugs his shoulders when it fails stating “I did my best guys.”

Kail steps forward to grab the potion when a garden ooze lands on him before falling to the ground.  Several members of the party identify the garden ooze and treat it as if it were a bomb, all immediately withdrawing as far away from it as possible.  As they line themselves up for the ooze, it charges ahead and releases its stinky stinkness at Reina Cailean, Platy Puss and Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa.  Before it can be much of an issue though, Weigraf Shlok and Kail combine to kill it. 

They snatch up the potion of bears endurance and are about to exit the seed vault when the image of a tall winged humanoid appears before them claiming to be the god "ARROW-DEAN". When ARROW-DEAN demands payment, Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa rebuts him asking to show what he will do.  A dazzling display of dust sprinkles from the heavens (the ceiling) and temporarily blinds the musket master and the nearby investigator.

ARROW-DEAN demands the party tithe and leave, but a few of the party members see through the improper clothing, pronunciation and other items that lead them to believe it’s an illusion.  After Reina Cailean shoots an arrow into the rafters, a creature appears claiming to call himself Viecar.  He proclaims to be the High Priest of the Ratlands and that he works in conjunction with Dagio the Great, the leader of these lands.  He claims no knowledge of the senate building and states he followed a passage from the Darklands to get here.

Weigraf Shlok starts to leave and implores the party follow him, but Kyra Erantide insists on continued questioning of the creature. After much coercion, the tables are turned on Viecar and he turns over his magic bag along with all of its contents.

Heading east down the long corridor they eventually turn south and into a large library that is overflowing with books on numerous shelves.  Weigraf Shlok detects magic and starts plucking scrolls off the shelves one by one.  After picking up an invisibility scroll he unfortunately unfurls a guardian scroll.   The edges of the paper instantly sharpen to razors and it unfurls to a length of four feet.

Weigraf Shlok tries to run away but the scroll flies after him and wraps itself around his head, suffocating him. He breaks free momentarily and shouts “I’m A WIZARD!” before it wraps itself around his head once more, shutting up the wizard.  Kyra Erantide tries to stop Weigraf Shlok’s bleeding while Kail nearly cuts the wizard’s entire head off with a vicious blow intended to dislodge the guardian.    The damage is too much as the scroll continues to inflict open wounds on Weigraf Shlok and he succumbs to his injuries and falls unconscious.   As the scroll lets go however, the party finishes it off.

They scoop up several more scrolls, get some healing from their cleric friend and return to the beds in the southwest for some rest and recovery.

Crownfall Session #4 - Part 2: Our positioning is horrible!
“I have Read Magic, I am a wizard!  It’s what we do!”

No sooner than the party finishes dispatching with the undead ghosts who haunted the walls of this room than Platy Puss, Reina Cailean and Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa quickly move wards the still warm corpse of of Lord Develin Manshum.  All three eye the fancy looking ring on his left hand and quickly snatch it up for closer inspection.  The ring which is emblazoned with his family crest detects as magical and is identified as a Ring of Protection +1.  The trio engage a quick discussion about which party member would benefit most from additional protection with a cursory glance over their companions.  None of their eyes make it past Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille’s ruined blood-soaked garments before universally agreeing that he should take the ring.

Platy Puss makes her way around the room and carefully takes her time to check the doors for traps as she opens each the seven doors connecting to this large rectangular chamber.  Six of the rooms contain small meeting areas with a table, a few chairs and hundreds if not thousands of years worth of dust.

In the second break room they find a trio of skittish nobles who quickly offer up a reward for getting them out of wherever they are alive.  The party seems taken aback at first that they would be paid for their efforts in saving the nobles, but before the conversation is complete they engage in passive aggressive banter about half-heartedly trying to ensure they get them out unhurt.  Their quips do not go unnoticed and a brief infighting occurs as the price begins to climb to ensure they are extricated without injury.   The trio identify themselves as  Lord Wilfen Botoles, Sir Gryphus Plastion and Lady Gael Urbaen.  Curious enough, each of the three nobles is wearing a senate aide badge similar to the party.  They mention there was a fourth man with them, but there wasn’t quite enough room in their break room for him and he was unfortunately left outside.  Sir Gryphus Plastion makes note that Lord Develin’s ring looks strikingly familiar to Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille's, though it was missing the blood spots on it.

In the next room the group uncovers a large table with numerous circles scratched under it on the floor in chalk.  After studying the diameter, color, positioning, location, relations, chalk consistency and every other item about the circles, the party decides to move on.  Platy Puss’s eye catches the crystal glassware and silver dining sets are in good condition worth about 700 gp on the open market.  Since they are clearly going to waste here covered with dust, the party decides to put all five pounds them to better use in Kyra Erantide’s belongings.

Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa and Weigraf Shlok take interest on six scrolls inside of a document box that sits on the table.  Kyra Erantide asks who can identify them and the musket master reaches out to pick one up.  As Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa leans in to get a closer look, the wizard steps in front of her and proclaims that he will read the scrolls.  The sniper proclaims that someone will need magic to identify the scrolls to which Weigraf Shlok rolls his eyes and sighs heavily before confronting her. “I examine the scrolls. I have Read Magic, I am a wizard!  It’s what we do!”

The scroll identifying wizard notes that they now have three scrolls of Cure Light Wounds, a Scroll of Invisibility, a scroll of Summon Monster II and a scroll of Breath of Life.   Carefully packing away the scrolls, Platy Puss leads the group to the next break room.  

Inside of this breakroom is a cowering halfling dressed in servants attire.  He identifies himself as Imistos Gulbend.  Platy Puss engages the halfing in a quick conversation about how he got to be here to which he shows them his senate aide badge and explains he was working for Count Orlundo Zespire during the gala.  While he doesn’t have the riches the nobles do, he offers up a blue-light lamp of continual flame and a free shoe shine with his favorite silk hankie in exchange for the protection of the party.  Quickly agreeing to help the scared halfling, he scampers off to join the other nobles on the north end of the room.

The next room reveals Lord Nocious Flamut who also offers gold in exchange for protection from future horrors.  He joins the growing crowd of people that the party agrees to help find safety in exchange for protection.

The final room contains a feamle Sargavan cleric of Abadar Jowuan Zubari who takes a quick look at the twice unconscious and bloody mess that is Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille.  Not hearing his name correctly she questions, “I’m sorry, did you just say your name was Fail?  What an unfortunate name.  Is that why your shirt is stained with blood?”  Once she gets the name correct she apologizes and offers to heal injured party members at a 50% discounted rate of 5 gp per cast, insisting the God of Merchants demands payment for services.  Thanking but declining for now, the party moves on to the familiar last occupant of the room – Dame Malphene Trant.

Trant shoots a glare at Reina Cailean the "rape-tattler and bringer of guards" as she crosses her arms on her chest.  Whlie clearly sobered up since their encounter early, she does not appear to be in a forgiving mood and doesn't offer to help the party at all.   


Various members of the party try to sooth Dame Malphene Trant, but their words clearly fall on deaf ears due to their previous altercation. During an exchange where the party threatens to keep her locked up in this room until she behaves, Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille takes note of a subtle somberness that was not present in their last exchange.  The previously intoxicated woman indeed now seems in sshock and it is then that he recalls seeing her father Senator Trant was decapitated in the altercation above before her eyes.  

Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille quickly informs his party of the situation and Kyra Erantide moves in to comfort Dame Malphene Trant on the loss of her father.  Her words seem to ease her demeanor as her crossed arms unfold and she agrees to accompany the party forward.  Recognizing that there is a potential opportunity to winning Dame Malphene Trant to their side, Kyra Erantide continues to speak with her every few minutes as she slowly begins to win her confidence.

With all doors opened and explored, the party is confused that there does not seem to be an obvious exit to the place.  Spreading out and searching all of the rooms again, the party returns to the sign of the circles and studies them once more.  Weigraf Shlok takes a break from studying circles and leans against the northern wall to think about what they could mean when he suddenly hears a soft click and the wall begins to move aside.

A ten foot opening reveals a large square room filled with glass display cases containing various mundane weapons and armor.  Recognizing that this is an opportunity for the party to better equip themselves for the gear that they were forced to leave outside the gala, they begin to slowly remove items from the display cases.  Of note are a portable alchemist lab, 1 handaxe, a 1 heavy steel shield and beautifully crafted musket with a darkwood stock that is labeled Dignity’s Barb.

While the party is looting the equipment, three sets of armor on display suddenly animate and burst forth from their respective display cases!  As combat ensues Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa remarks for the third time that day (in as many combat encounters) “Our positioning is horrible!”  As the group begins to reposition themselves to take on the phantom armors, they receive another message from Martella Lotheed Lady Gloriana Morilla’s allies from the Pathfinder Society secured us a way out of the senate building! This is an organized force.”

In a less than spectacular fashion, the uncoordinated attacks of the party slowly develop in rather clumsy fashion.  Reina Cailean trips over a shield and shoots herself in the foot with her new longbow right after displays her rapier skills with “Ho! Ha ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust!” 

The armors make excellent use of their gauntlet and longswords on the part and they quickly find themselves taking quite a beating.  Kyra Erantide is injured so badly she can barely stand, Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille is doing so well himself and poor Reina Cailean who dropped her bow and drew her blade steps in to save Kyra Erantide quickly finds herself face down on the floor with an arrow sticking out of her left foot, bleeding to death.  Deciding that this is the perfect opportunity to shop, Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille begins to peruse the glass display cases looking for a 42L leather armor as he remarks the selection here is terrible.  Maybe he can find one in a nice scarlett suede?

Platy Puss sends one of the armors pinwheeling back through a display case, shattering it and sending dozens of items clanging to the floor around the room.  Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa’s musket fires again and again as she adjusts to the new weapon.  From across room she takes down a second armor with an expertly placed bullet while Weigraf Shlok decides how best to attack these undead creatures.  He contemplates aloud using his Disrupt Undead spell but seems unsure that it is wise.  For some strange reason he takes magical advice from the half-unconscious celebrity and tries to cast his previously failed spell on the last remaining armor only to fail again.

Sacrificing herself, Kyra Erantide moves forward to position herself next to Platy Puss and Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa and distracts the armor.  Platy Puss flanks the armor but is unable to strike it.  Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa finishes the last armor with another solid blast which destroys the undead creature.

When the combat is over nearly half of all of the display cases are smashed and the once beautifully designed display cases of ancient equipment is completely trashed.  Jowuan Zubari, the cleric they found earlier, comments how disgusting this room is as she moves in to offer a few channels of positive energy to restore the health of her companions.  

As she pulls the arrow out of Reina Cailean’s foot, she looks at Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille’s even bloodier tunic and comments, “Master Fail, I didn’t think you could suffer any more wounds but apparently that is not true.  Let me be of some assistance.   Please try not to lose any more blood, even Abadar himself may not be able to repair you soon!”

Once the party is restored to health, Kyra Erantide leads their new noble friends into the room and discusses with Dame Malphene Trant some additional benefits that could come with having the party as allies.  Once more, Trant listens and begins to nod her head as she starts to come around to Kyra Erantide’s way of thinking.

Deciding on the left door leading out of the room, the party makes their way into a room full of mannequins and wigs.  Weigraf Shlok quickly points out that one of the wigs is magical and everyone should take caution.  When someone suggests that he should put it on, he quickly launches into a scolding response about how stupid it would be to put one of these on!  Why, it could be a mind controlling creature that could take control of your body!

Laughing at the crazy wizard, Platy Puss finishes plucking all of the valuable jewelry bits and trinkets from the models and promptly picks up the magical wig and sits on it on her head.  Everyone laughs at first until they realize that an Animate Hair is moving underneath the wig and appears to have attached itself to Platy Puss!  

Laughter stops as Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa points her gun at Platy Puss’s head and Reina Cailean has her bow pointed in the same location.  Weigraf Shlok announces “It’s the only way, shoot her in the head!”  Both the musket master and the inquisitor circle each other discussing who is going to shoot Platy Puss in the face first.  After several deferments Reina Cailean suddenly lunges for the wig and rips it off the investigator’s head, throwing it on the ground.  Kyra Erantide curb stomps the wig and the creature inside of it with Platy Puss landing the final blow with her rapier.

Heading through the doorway to the east leads into another chamber full of glass display cases, though these ones are locked with no key in sight.  Ushering everyone out of the room so she can attempt to break open the lock, Platy Puss fails at her first attempt but nails the second one.  Within the shelves are assorted cultural trophies worth 500 gp, weighing 10 pounds. Along with these items is a single magical item, a figurine of wondrous power (silver raven).

Crownfall session #3 - Part 2: Escaping the unknown dungeon
Klaatu Verata Nick, Nick, Nickelodeon!

After being whisked away from a historic epic battle that likely will decide the fate and direction of their nation to destination unknown, the party wanted to immediately prioritize themselves on the most important task at hand: appraising their loot.    After sorting out the treasure from above, the party begins exploring a series of four interconnected rooms that do not possess an obvious exit, though coincidentally enough have multiple working bathrooms with indoor plumbing.

What’s more important that appraising your own loot?  Why, looting someone elses loot and appraising that of course!  The six adventures tear into the dozens of crates that are stacked haphazardly along the southern wall in the storage room.  After looting more weapons and gear, they discover a dusty old fresco of Noble Galitian Maramaxus, hero of the Fourth Army of Exploration, champion of Taldor.  They detect magic coming from multiple locations and determine there is a secret door somewhere, but are unable to open it at this time.  Ever the noble historian, Weigraf Shlok recounts that the Fourth Army of Exploration surveyed and staked a claim to the lands that would eventually be Andoran in 1683 AR, and made a brief attempt into the Five Kings Mountains.  A soldier named Galitian Maramaxus greatly distinguished himself while serving in its ranks.

Moving on they quickly find a large library and though most of the party is wisDUMB, two of sharper tacks quickly point out there is a book on the Fourth Army of Exploration that may hold a clue for them.  Weigraf Shlok pulls the volume out and quickly locates a rounded fragment of glass tucked away in the books cut out pages.  Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa snatches the glass fragment and starts walking around all of the rooms looking through the glass fragment for clues, but only succeeds in bumping into items.

About this time the party simultaneously starts playing with the light switches in the rooms which seemingly are cross-wired and turn lights on and off in strange places as well as discovers the contents of the social room with a bar, tables, chairs and alcohol.  A locked cabinet clearly means more loot, so the party quickly cracks it open and takes the wand, spoon and two bottles of whiskey from inside and studies the mysterious glass circle embedded in the wall.  Platy notes a small section is missing and once she inserts the piece the glass transform into a scrying device which denotes a view of the fresco in the storage room.  Looking closer she sees that Galitian Maramaxus’s gauntlet appears to be glowing!

Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa runs into the fresco room and realizes she can’t see with out Kyra Erantide’s light and calls her into the room.  When Kyra Erantide arrives, the flowing on the fresco disappears.  A series of personnel shuffling and repositioning along with flipping lights on and off occurs as the party determines how best to view the fresco in the dark.   While this is happening, Weigraf Shlok silently strides into the room and walks up to the gauntlet and presses it.  Platy Puss reveals that the glowing stops and now his boot is glowing.  The wizard begins to caress the boot and each of the subsequent glowing areas on the fresco as they shift under his soft touch.  When the fifth and final spot begins to glow on the hero’s groin, the wizard doesn't miss a beat and softly caresses the groin of the hero in the fresco.

With a soft moan and a click the secret compartment opens up revealing a bag of 20 magical gold coins.  Heading back up to the passageway in the north, Mr. Wizard drops a coin into the slot and watches it disappear under the floor.  As the coin disappears out of sight, Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa goes wide-eyed and scrambles to the floor trying to get it back.  Claiming that the coin was worth five bullets, she doesn't want to waste it!

The floor slides away revealing a set of steps descending to a brass lever before a closed section of wall.  Weigraf Shlok ‘wizard hands’ the lever which triggers a mechanism to open the secret door into the next area.

The first thing the party takes note of is a Lord Develin Manshum, a noble from the Exaltation Gala, is laying blood and dead on the cold, dusty stone floor.  Only a few seconds after entering the room, three rare undead appear from within the walls of the chamber.  Quickly identified by Platy Puss as Walcofindes, she fills the party in on their unusual cause of death and wall teleportation abilities.

Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa’s been waiting for this very moment. A chance to demonstrate to the party why she’s been included in this group of undercover agency.  The moment to prove what a sniper can do to protect and save the team.  The defining moment for the musket master will need to come at another time as she loads the gun she places the bullet in backwards and jams it.   She immediately goes to work in correcting her broken equipment while the noble Kail runs into the fray to slay these undead creatures.  

Weigraf Shlok knows a spell that disrupts undead and calls out “Klaatu Verata ….” And can’t quite remember the last segment as his spell fizzles.    While the wizard continues to repeat his spell over and over trying to get the phrasing correct, Platy goes to work on the Walcofindes with her rapier, methodically whittling away at one with inspiration and then moving over the next. 

“Klaatu Verata Nick, Nick, Nickelodeon!” commands Weigraf Shlok, who once again fails to recall the spell’s exact incantation.

Kyra Erantide and Reina Cailean do their best to keep Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille alive through magical healing, but his positioning between two of the wall teleporters has not faired well and he quickly succumbs to their claw attacks, dropping to the ground in a bloody and scratched pile of mutilated flesh.

“Klaatu Verata Nickodemus!” shouts the wizard as he tries even harder to disrupt the undead.

Finally getting her gun fixed, loaded and aimed correctly, [[:leiko] blasts a hole through the second Walcofinde and erases it from existence as her gun roars loudly in the enclosed chamber.  The last remaining creature drops Kail a second time, bloodying his brilliant clothes even more.

“Klaatu Verata Nicohmygodmyrollsuck!” cries the confused and unlucky wizard.

Kyra Erantide and Reina Cailean try to attack without much success, only inflicting minor damage before returning to healing the unconscious noblemen again.  Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille awakens with a start and looks for a way to flee without much success.  Flailing from the floor he tries to strike the undead creature but is only met with another claw to the chest which sends him back to dying once more.

“Klaatu Verata nickanme!” groans the sylph as he facepalms before the group just as Leiko fires again and finishes the third and final undead creature. 

Healing up after their battle, the party quickly checks on Lord Develin Manshum and determines he will not be returning to the land of the living anytime soon.  They are especially interested in his fancy ring…

Crownfall session #2 - Part 1: Empire's End
I'm a wizard!

The undercover agents briefly meet with Martella Lotheed to review their mission status for the event.  Having already met five of six objectives outline,influence the major players and rooms at the Exaltation Gala, the party splits up and complete the last mission as well as try to locate Dame Malphene Trant, the bully. 

Touting her acrobatic abilities, Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa does a cartwheel into the gallery but catches her toe on the lip of the top stairs and smashing into the railing instead.  Wyssilka the Fantabulous claps loudly and rescues Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa from complete embarrassment, encouraging her to try again.   With the confidence boost, Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa attempts to do a forward flip for the onlookers, but slips on the tiled floor and lands flat on her back.  As Wyssilka the Fantabulous helps her up, she offers her a smile among the jeers of the crowd.

While Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa's failed acrobatics fail to impress the crowd, Kyra Erantide finishes her intimidation routine for High Strategos Maxillar Pythareus by impressing upon the commander-in-chief what exactly is wrong with all of the political issues in Taldor and how the military should be correcting them.

After searching half of the senate floor, Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille finally locates their quarry Dame Malphene Trant.  With six sycophants trailing behind her, she takes the arm of junior Senator Amadorian Dou and strong-arms him upstairs into the Beldan II Waiting Room just off the Gallery.

Taking the lead, Reina Cailean leads the party up through the gallery and into the Beldan II Waiting room by planting her foot firmly on the door and kicking it open.  The courtesan flaunts her stuff as she struts up to Senator Amadorian Dou and explains she's been waiting for some one on one time with him.  Despite being half drunk,  Dame Malphene Trant and her goons don't fall for the ploy.  [[:kyra] bursts into the room and as Reina Cailean alludes to the fact that two women are waiting for him.  

Things begin to deteriorate quickly when Kyra Erantide draws her blade, the thugs smash chairs to make clubs and someone out in the hallway shouts "I'm a wizard!"Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa rushes into the room just as [[:reina] dashes out and into the hallway shouting rape.  Weigraf Shlok, the self-proclaimed wizard, blasts three of the sycophants with a dazzling display of colors, but unfortunately none of the three are impressed by his antics.  Dame Malphene Trant and two of her goods draw their weapons and swipe at the less than acrobatic musket master, but her anticipation of the attack serves her well on the frontline as she avoids all three attacks.   Weigraf Shlok the wizard summons a magic spear of wood which bursts from his hands and into the chest of the thug closest to him, sending the goon to the floor a bleeding mess.  Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa continues her dazzling display of dexterity and turns on her heel and flees from the room as fast as she can right into the arms of the approaching guards.

Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille , Reina Cailean and Kyra Erantide successfully convince the guards that Dame Malphene Trant was up to no good and she was responsible for all of the chaos.  The bully fails to defend herself and the guards escort question the goons, Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille, Kyra Erantide and Senator Amadorian Dou to sort the situation out over the next 30 minutes.

Grand Prince Stavian III arrives and both High Strategos Maxillar Pythareus and Princess Eutropia make their departures to prepare for the Grand Prince's upcoming speech.

Resuming their influencing duties and leveraging the light supper that has been served as a prop, Platy Puss successfully impresses the Grand Duke Avernathus with her dazzling knowledge of spellcraft.  He offers access to his array of spellcasting community contacts. He can easily arrange meetings with the PCs to get a 10% discount on magical services or a one-time magical item purchase at 20% off.

In the Arcade of Triumphs, Reina Cailean swipes the fourth item from the display cases.  This times she pockets a +1 silver dagger that the Earl claims one of General Arnisant’s lieutenants used to slay the vampire Malageur. 

The wood wizard's vested interest in Taldan history catches the attention of librarian Pabrus Telecoum , who offers him a dog-eared and crumbling journal donated to the library but considered unsalvageable. The text itself is a somewhat compelling tale of a young wizard’s growth to womanhood and inheriting her family business in Cassomir 250 years ago. Though large portions are missing or damaged by water, tucked into the back of the book is a scroll containing animate rope, blur, flaming sphere, hypnotism, mount, and web.

Meanwhile upstairs Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa returns to finish the job in the Gallery beside Wyssilka the Fantabulous.  Finally able to put two consecutive performances together without falling, the musket master catches accumulates a number of donations from grateful parents, including 238 gp, a bottle of fine brandy (75 gp), and a wand of eagle’s splendor (5 charges) from a particularly passive-aggressive ear.

The party successfully influences three more nobles: 

  • Lady Gloriana Morilla offers to introduce the party to the princess, but unfortunately she seems to have excused herself temporarily.  In addition, she also offers her help in the future should the party be in need.
  • Marquess Charlotte Deschamps eventually gets past the fact that Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa can't pronounce her name and she states she will allow them access to the Endless Repository, Nicodemius’s repository for her knowledge and information in western Porthmos.   She also even offers her services once as a magical item crafter, should the need arise.
  • Viscountess Octavia Nicodemius offers the party two potions of cure light wounds.

The senate finally convenes to vote on matters of state.  After 30 minutes of mundane business, the vote to end primogeniture finally arrives.  Though it starts with abstentions and a dead even split, the vote eventually turns in favor of Princess Eutropia and the repeal passes.  With the declaration made, the chamber explodes in a riot of applause and condemnation. It takes several minutes for the cacophony to die down. The speaker declares that a closed senate recount is to take place, an event signaled by the speaker declaring a temporary recess of the senate to outsiders.

Realizing their time to complete influential tasks is coming to an end, Martella Lotheed summons her agents one last time to recount their successes tonight.  After which she states she has one more task for them to complete.  They are instructed to deliver the letter to the soon to be Lord Kalbio of Breezy Creek from his parents.  They insisted that the letter not be delivered until after his elevation.

With the red carpet, fanfare and applause, Grand Prince Stavian III makes his way to the podium with Kalbio of Breezy Creek in tow.  His speech concludes with animosity over the thought his daughter leading conspirators to take his throne with him.  Claiming the brand new Lord to be in cahoots with them, he plunged a jeweled dagger between  Kalbio of Breezy Creek's ribs. 

The senate floor erupts in chaos as no less than 50 armed soldiers surround the room and relentlessly cut down anyone and everyone.  One of the extremely talented armed guards corners the party and after taking an acid blast and Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa's musket blast to his chest, he retaliates with an expertly placed slash to Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille's chest that surely should have ended his life.

Just as the blade strikes his chest, the Senate aid badge that was provided to the group by Martella Lotheed flashes and everything goes black and completely silent.  Once Kyra Erantide casts light, the group takes note that they are in a 30'x30' quiet, dusty and unlit bedroom with six beds and three doors.  A preliminary search of the room reveals a grooming kit, moth-eaten change of clothes and a simple hand mirrorBinjamet “Kail” duQuaille notices a strange lump in one of the comforters and extracts an inelegant brass key.

Martella Lotheed reaches out via their Senate aid badge and informs them that they simply vanished into thin air and she has no idea where they are.

Crownfall session #1 - Part 1: Undercover agents at the Exaltation Gala
03/12/18 @ 9:00 EST

The adventure began when Martella Lotheed the illegitimate daughter of the prestigious Lotheed noble family and a burgeoning spymaster, assembled a group of six covert agents to attend the Exaltation Gala festivities at the senate building. She has promised each of them 150 gp the next day for each mission they completed, in addition to the extraordinary access and prestige granted by attending one of Taldor's most exclusive and high-profile political events.   She also provided a 30-gp line of credit at her favorite tailor shop, Thread Rare, to better allow them to fit in with the Taldor elite.  Finally, she provided each of them with a Senate aid badge from the now defunt Voritas family line.

The party went around the table and introduced themselves:

After introductions were made, the party departed for the senate building.  While standing in line, the party shared the information they individually knew of the Exaltation, Martella Lotheed, Grand Prince Stavian III and Princess Eutropia.  After nearly two hours in line, a dreary inspector made her way to the party and pulled them out for what the group deduced was not a "random inspection".  Hurrying them forward and away from the nearby guards, she says her name is Kathaan Azalr and alludes that the party and her have a "common friend" though she does not explicitly state a name.    

She performs a search of the party and uncovers several weapons that are typically not allowed in the senate building. Rather than removing the items, she provides the group with tips on how they could better hide them in the future so that they won't be caught or stand out to any guards.  She then pushes the party forward to the front of the line to have their weapons peace bonded and gain entry into the senate building.

When the party first enters the building they immediately take stock of the rooms around them and begin to attempt to exert some influence over various areas.  Over the course of the next thirty minutes they begin to quickly make headway into controlling influence in multiple areas. 

Their progress is slightly halted when Princess Eutropia makes a surprise appearance and offers a speech to [[:kalbio-of-breezy-creek] on his upcoming noble elevation as well as coming together to vote to end primogeniture.  As her speech concludes, several party members take not of a suspicious event happening in the courtyard as a servant slips an alchemical wafer that agitates flying insects on top of the crates containing the pollination bees.  Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa the brave slowly backpedals fifty paces into a wall well away from the bees while the sylph wizard heroically dashes forward to toss the wafer into the water with a loud splash.  Platy Puss joins Weigraf Shlok to save him from question from the servant and guards as a crowd gathers.  She explains that everyone who's anyone from the melittological societies clearly knows that that alchemical wafer will induce a state of agitation in the bees, likely creating a swarm that would severely injure a large portion of the crowd in courtyard.    Though saving the day from a lot of stinging pain, Platy Puss and Weigraf Shlok drew the attention of several guards who were taking note and following their actions for the remainder of the hour.

After the commotion died down, Weigraf Shlok decided it would be best to move throughout the building and deliver messages for Martella Lotheed while the guards were paying closer attention to him.  As the wizard darted from one noble to the next, Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa grabs the attention of the curator Copernia Vau by expressing interest in the history.  After swiping the masterwork buckler and then receiving a bottle of universal solvent and unguent of timelessness from Copernia, Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa convinces her to give her a personal tour.  Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa motions to her team that now is the time to snatch the historical artifacts belonging to Calhadion Vernisant.  The party quickly converges and two more of the four remaining items, the spyglass and the silk fan.

While the theft mission is underway, the Platy Puss leads the way discovering some dirt on the nobles involved with the missions that Martella Lotheed assigned them.  Over the course of the next hour, the party successfully influences [[:baron-nicolaus-okerra, Countess Abrielle Pace and Duke Leonar Centimus.  After successfully uncovering Countess Abrielle Pace's lack of commitment to Princess Eutropia's cause, they find that they can use this information to better influence [[:baron-nicolaus-okerra, Lady Gloriana Morilla, and Princess Eutropia.  Meanwhie, [[:kyra] and others slowly whittle down High Strategos Maxillar Pythareus, but the commander in chief proves quite difficult to sway to their side.

Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa makes her way to the senate floor and engages a young politician on the validity of primogeniture and other traditional institution as it compares to assessing actions from all previous noble leaders.  She impresses nearby judge Dartist Mercenian who shouts "That's how you debate!".  A fellow half-elf, he rewards her with a gold ring emblazoned with the Mercenian family crest.

After an hour of running, Weigraf Shlok finally finishes delivering messages forMartella Lotheed.  The party is partially startled when they are contacted by Martella Lotheed to come to the gallery and see her as soon as possible.  When they arrive she pulls them aside to the corner of the room when she puts one of her small brass crickets on the railing nearby.  Having observed their progress from above, she is quite please with the headway they have made and congratulates them on excellent work so far.  She informs them that she has just discovered that Dame Malphene Trant, the daughter of Senator Trant has arrived.   She’s a belligerent, narcissistic ass, and a known bully who is likely here to intimidate one of more of the junior senators into backing her father.  She asks the party to find a way to intercede and prevent that from happening.

Senate Floor:

The Senate Floor


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