War for the Crown - Chapter 2: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur

Crownfall Session #4 - Part 2: Our positioning is horrible!

“I have Read Magic, I am a wizard!  It’s what we do!”

No sooner than the party finishes dispatching with the undead ghosts who haunted the walls of this room than Platy Puss, Reina Cailean and Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa quickly move wards the still warm corpse of of Lord Develin Manshum.  All three eye the fancy looking ring on his left hand and quickly snatch it up for closer inspection.  The ring which is emblazoned with his family crest detects as magical and is identified as a Ring of Protection +1.  The trio engage a quick discussion about which party member would benefit most from additional protection with a cursory glance over their companions.  None of their eyes make it past Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille’s ruined blood-soaked garments before universally agreeing that he should take the ring.

Platy Puss makes her way around the room and carefully takes her time to check the doors for traps as she opens each the seven doors connecting to this large rectangular chamber.  Six of the rooms contain small meeting areas with a table, a few chairs and hundreds if not thousands of years worth of dust.

In the second break room they find a trio of skittish nobles who quickly offer up a reward for getting them out of wherever they are alive.  The party seems taken aback at first that they would be paid for their efforts in saving the nobles, but before the conversation is complete they engage in passive aggressive banter about half-heartedly trying to ensure they get them out unhurt.  Their quips do not go unnoticed and a brief infighting occurs as the price begins to climb to ensure they are extricated without injury.   The trio identify themselves as  Lord Wilfen Botoles, Sir Gryphus Plastion and Lady Gael Urbaen.  Curious enough, each of the three nobles is wearing a senate aide badge similar to the party.  They mention there was a fourth man with them, but there wasn’t quite enough room in their break room for him and he was unfortunately left outside.  Sir Gryphus Plastion makes note that Lord Develin’s ring looks strikingly familiar to Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille's, though it was missing the blood spots on it.

In the next room the group uncovers a large table with numerous circles scratched under it on the floor in chalk.  After studying the diameter, color, positioning, location, relations, chalk consistency and every other item about the circles, the party decides to move on.  Platy Puss’s eye catches the crystal glassware and silver dining sets are in good condition worth about 700 gp on the open market.  Since they are clearly going to waste here covered with dust, the party decides to put all five pounds them to better use in Kyra Erantide’s belongings.

Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa and Weigraf Shlok take interest on six scrolls inside of a document box that sits on the table.  Kyra Erantide asks who can identify them and the musket master reaches out to pick one up.  As Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa leans in to get a closer look, the wizard steps in front of her and proclaims that he will read the scrolls.  The sniper proclaims that someone will need magic to identify the scrolls to which Weigraf Shlok rolls his eyes and sighs heavily before confronting her. “I examine the scrolls. I have Read Magic, I am a wizard!  It’s what we do!”

The scroll identifying wizard notes that they now have three scrolls of Cure Light Wounds, a Scroll of Invisibility, a scroll of Summon Monster II and a scroll of Breath of Life.   Carefully packing away the scrolls, Platy Puss leads the group to the next break room.  

Inside of this breakroom is a cowering halfling dressed in servants attire.  He identifies himself as Imistos Gulbend.  Platy Puss engages the halfing in a quick conversation about how he got to be here to which he shows them his senate aide badge and explains he was working for Count Orlundo Zespire during the gala.  While he doesn’t have the riches the nobles do, he offers up a blue-light lamp of continual flame and a free shoe shine with his favorite silk hankie in exchange for the protection of the party.  Quickly agreeing to help the scared halfling, he scampers off to join the other nobles on the north end of the room.

The next room reveals Lord Nocious Flamut who also offers gold in exchange for protection from future horrors.  He joins the growing crowd of people that the party agrees to help find safety in exchange for protection.

The final room contains a feamle Sargavan cleric of Abadar Jowuan Zubari who takes a quick look at the twice unconscious and bloody mess that is Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille.  Not hearing his name correctly she questions, “I’m sorry, did you just say your name was Fail?  What an unfortunate name.  Is that why your shirt is stained with blood?”  Once she gets the name correct she apologizes and offers to heal injured party members at a 50% discounted rate of 5 gp per cast, insisting the God of Merchants demands payment for services.  Thanking but declining for now, the party moves on to the familiar last occupant of the room – Dame Malphene Trant.

Trant shoots a glare at Reina Cailean the "rape-tattler and bringer of guards" as she crosses her arms on her chest.  Whlie clearly sobered up since their encounter early, she does not appear to be in a forgiving mood and doesn't offer to help the party at all.   


Various members of the party try to sooth Dame Malphene Trant, but their words clearly fall on deaf ears due to their previous altercation. During an exchange where the party threatens to keep her locked up in this room until she behaves, Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille takes note of a subtle somberness that was not present in their last exchange.  The previously intoxicated woman indeed now seems in sshock and it is then that he recalls seeing her father Senator Trant was decapitated in the altercation above before her eyes.  

Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille quickly informs his party of the situation and Kyra Erantide moves in to comfort Dame Malphene Trant on the loss of her father.  Her words seem to ease her demeanor as her crossed arms unfold and she agrees to accompany the party forward.  Recognizing that there is a potential opportunity to winning Dame Malphene Trant to their side, Kyra Erantide continues to speak with her every few minutes as she slowly begins to win her confidence.

With all doors opened and explored, the party is confused that there does not seem to be an obvious exit to the place.  Spreading out and searching all of the rooms again, the party returns to the sign of the circles and studies them once more.  Weigraf Shlok takes a break from studying circles and leans against the northern wall to think about what they could mean when he suddenly hears a soft click and the wall begins to move aside.

A ten foot opening reveals a large square room filled with glass display cases containing various mundane weapons and armor.  Recognizing that this is an opportunity for the party to better equip themselves for the gear that they were forced to leave outside the gala, they begin to slowly remove items from the display cases.  Of note are a portable alchemist lab, 1 handaxe, a 1 heavy steel shield and beautifully crafted musket with a darkwood stock that is labeled Dignity’s Barb.

While the party is looting the equipment, three sets of armor on display suddenly animate and burst forth from their respective display cases!  As combat ensues Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa remarks for the third time that day (in as many combat encounters) “Our positioning is horrible!”  As the group begins to reposition themselves to take on the phantom armors, they receive another message from Martella Lotheed Lady Gloriana Morilla’s allies from the Pathfinder Society secured us a way out of the senate building! This is an organized force.”

In a less than spectacular fashion, the uncoordinated attacks of the party slowly develop in rather clumsy fashion.  Reina Cailean trips over a shield and shoots herself in the foot with her new longbow right after displays her rapier skills with “Ho! Ha ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust!” 

The armors make excellent use of their gauntlet and longswords on the part and they quickly find themselves taking quite a beating.  Kyra Erantide is injured so badly she can barely stand, Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille is doing so well himself and poor Reina Cailean who dropped her bow and drew her blade steps in to save Kyra Erantide quickly finds herself face down on the floor with an arrow sticking out of her left foot, bleeding to death.  Deciding that this is the perfect opportunity to shop, Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille begins to peruse the glass display cases looking for a 42L leather armor as he remarks the selection here is terrible.  Maybe he can find one in a nice scarlett suede?

Platy Puss sends one of the armors pinwheeling back through a display case, shattering it and sending dozens of items clanging to the floor around the room.  Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa’s musket fires again and again as she adjusts to the new weapon.  From across room she takes down a second armor with an expertly placed bullet while Weigraf Shlok decides how best to attack these undead creatures.  He contemplates aloud using his Disrupt Undead spell but seems unsure that it is wise.  For some strange reason he takes magical advice from the half-unconscious celebrity and tries to cast his previously failed spell on the last remaining armor only to fail again.

Sacrificing herself, Kyra Erantide moves forward to position herself next to Platy Puss and Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa and distracts the armor.  Platy Puss flanks the armor but is unable to strike it.  Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa finishes the last armor with another solid blast which destroys the undead creature.

When the combat is over nearly half of all of the display cases are smashed and the once beautifully designed display cases of ancient equipment is completely trashed.  Jowuan Zubari, the cleric they found earlier, comments how disgusting this room is as she moves in to offer a few channels of positive energy to restore the health of her companions.  

As she pulls the arrow out of Reina Cailean’s foot, she looks at Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille’s even bloodier tunic and comments, “Master Fail, I didn’t think you could suffer any more wounds but apparently that is not true.  Let me be of some assistance.   Please try not to lose any more blood, even Abadar himself may not be able to repair you soon!”

Once the party is restored to health, Kyra Erantide leads their new noble friends into the room and discusses with Dame Malphene Trant some additional benefits that could come with having the party as allies.  Once more, Trant listens and begins to nod her head as she starts to come around to Kyra Erantide’s way of thinking.

Deciding on the left door leading out of the room, the party makes their way into a room full of mannequins and wigs.  Weigraf Shlok quickly points out that one of the wigs is magical and everyone should take caution.  When someone suggests that he should put it on, he quickly launches into a scolding response about how stupid it would be to put one of these on!  Why, it could be a mind controlling creature that could take control of your body!

Laughing at the crazy wizard, Platy Puss finishes plucking all of the valuable jewelry bits and trinkets from the models and promptly picks up the magical wig and sits on it on her head.  Everyone laughs at first until they realize that an Animate Hair is moving underneath the wig and appears to have attached itself to Platy Puss!  

Laughter stops as Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa points her gun at Platy Puss’s head and Reina Cailean has her bow pointed in the same location.  Weigraf Shlok announces “It’s the only way, shoot her in the head!”  Both the musket master and the inquisitor circle each other discussing who is going to shoot Platy Puss in the face first.  After several deferments Reina Cailean suddenly lunges for the wig and rips it off the investigator’s head, throwing it on the ground.  Kyra Erantide curb stomps the wig and the creature inside of it with Platy Puss landing the final blow with her rapier.

Heading through the doorway to the east leads into another chamber full of glass display cases, though these ones are locked with no key in sight.  Ushering everyone out of the room so she can attempt to break open the lock, Platy Puss fails at her first attempt but nails the second one.  Within the shelves are assorted cultural trophies worth 500 gp, weighing 10 pounds. Along with these items is a single magical item, a figurine of wondrous power (silver raven).


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