Lady Gloriana Morilla


Lady Morilla stands tall among her noble peers, sporting the finest of Absalom’s fashion. Her attire is far less ostentatious than that of other present nobles, but she makes up for it with a grace of movement that allows her to easily shift between crowds.


Leader of an international secret society known as the Sovereign Court, Lady Morilla is one of Princess Eutropia’s staunchest allies, and a believer that members of Avistan’s aristocracy must be held to their end of the social contract with those they rule.

Gloriana mingles with the nobles of Taldor well enough, but she is never truly at home in such environments. She secretly seethes at the haughtiness of her fellow Taldan elite, occasionally staring in awkward silence or letting out raucous laughter at jokes she finds no humor in. Her motives at the Grand Day of Exaltation are simple: to discover the enemies of her longtime ally, Princess Eutropia, and to discover those seeking to advance in the political arena.

Lady Gloriana Morilla

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