High Strategos Maxillar Pythareus


Maxillar is a muscular man in his early forties. Years under the elements have weathered his skin, and he keeps his silver hair closely cropped. He wears a green-and blue tabard emblazoned with Taldor’s official coat of arms, publicly declaring his loyalty to the nation more than anything else.


Nearly every Taldan recognizes commander-in-chief Maxillar Pythareus as Grand Prince Stavian III’s right hand and a fanatical supporter of the throne. He believes in political might and economic stability through military supremacy, advocating for new wars of conquest against wayward colonies like Andoran and Cheliax, or even Qadira.

The high strategos is direct and confident, cutting to the heart of any topic. He despises politics, preferring to focus on matters of military and strategic concern. His presence here is a formality; Maxillar would much rather be inspecting troops or training on horseback.

High Strategos Maxillar Pythareus

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