Duke Leonar Centimus


With a round face and a few extra pounds, Leonard looks very different from the waifish ladies’ man he was 5 years ago. He takes great pride in tinkering with his wheelchair, revising its design and paying artisans to embellish it.


An attending duke of Grand Duchess Cisera Tiberan of Tandak prefecture, Leonard Centimus is an intellectual and tinkerer whose head for systems makes him a good administrator, if a little awkward with people.

Duke Centimus lost the use of his legs in a riding accident, and while many of his contemporaries believe this makes him a less capable leader, Leonard has stubbornly refused to hire a divine spellcaster to heal the damage. The duke has a keen interest in the world beyond Taldor, and still hopes to

Benefit: Influencing Duke Centimus reveals his reasons for voting to abolish primogeniture. The duke believes that any person is capable of rule, regardless of the condition of his or her body.

Duke Leonar Centimus

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