Countess Abrielle Pace


Only ridiculously gauche noble clothing and fine jewelry set Countess Pace apart from any other Taldan. Her face is usually in a smile, though it quickly turns to a sneer when she loses control of the conversation. She has short but well-kept brown hair locked back in a stylized bun.


A countess and member of the senate from the western borders of Taldor, Abrielle Pace seeks to advance by any means available.

Countess Pace is agreeable and endearing to those she considers useful or empowering, but entirely dismissive of “useless people.” Outwardly a firm ally of Princess Eutropia and the end of primogeniture, Countess Pace sycophantically trails political power like a wolf chases prey, allying herself with whoever offers her an advantage. She is likely to betray her allies (including Eutropia) should things turn against her.

Discovered weakness: Silently trailing Abrielle or engaging her in duplicitous conversation uncovers her obvious willingness to quickly shift her political stance depending on who she is engaged with.

Influence Benefit: A PC successfully influencing Countess Pace uncovers the countess’s lack of commitment to Princess Eutropia’s cause— one of the objectives Martella Lotheed gave to PC with the Discovery mission. This tidbit grants the PCs a +2 circumstance bonus on skill checks to influence [[:baron-nicolaus-okerra], Princess Eutropia, and Lady Gloriana Morilla.

Countess Abrielle Pace

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