Baron Nicolaus Okerra


This handsome bear of a man stands a head taller than the crowd, and while starting to show his age with flecks of white in his black hair and beard, he retains a youthful smile and gentle eyes.


A noble and hero in the county of Meratt, Baron Okerra is as equally renowned for his good looks as he is for his combat skills.

A celebrity in the tournament circuit and a kind but stern leader, Baron Nicolaus Okerra is considered one of Taldor’s chief defenders of law and order. He has little time for pomp and circumstance, secluding himself in the noble courts of the senate building to debate with aspiring nobles on the importance of law. His charming demeanor is only somewhat mitigated by his staunch devotion to order, even when he defends the shadier aspects of a lawful society.

Influence Benefit: Once influenced, Baron Okerra comes around to whatever belief the PCs espouse. Befriended.

Baron Nicolaus Okerra

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