War for the Crown - Chapter 2: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur

Session #7 - Exploding halflings and flying Gishvits

After the battle with the rat king Dagio, the party took note of a small hole in the ceiling of the large circular room they were in.  Since Dagio had been up there when he had attacked, they deemed it likely that they should search the hidey-hole.  After some internal discussion on who would scale the wall to climb up to the top of the 40’ hole however, it was decided it could wait.

Platy leads the group on through the secret passage to the east where she finds a room full of small humanoid prints on an otherwise dusty floor.  After the wizard declares the room magic free, the investigator checks the door leading east for traps and finds numerous daggers poised to spring out at whoever opens the door.   Fairly confident she disabled the trap, she opens the door to find a room of three halfing servants dressed similar to Imistos. 

They claim injury and ask for food, but Platy sees through their deception and can tell that they mean the party harm.   Backing up and leading two of the halflings into the prior dusty floor room on the other side of the dagger trap, combat ensues.  Reina picks up on four evil auras which is strange since there are only three halflings before them.  Imistos quickly joins the battle as he alludes to he is doing this only for the money.

The combat that ensued afterwards is a tragic tale of exploding halflings.  First, Reina launches Gishy at one of the halfling's heads where it begins to bite away with its razor sharp pages.  Leiko lines up shot after shot and blasts halflings with her muskets, watching the heads explode on the next two halfling assassins.  The gishvit continues to gnaw away at a halfling while Leiko ones more destroys the last one as he tries to flee to the north east.

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When the combat is over, Kail ties up the last remaining halfling for interrogation as the party revisits the previous locations to gather all the remaining valuable items they can.  They trade one last time with the kobold merchant, visit the vault guardian and check out a final item and finally climb up to Dagio’s hidey hole.  On the body of one of the halflings they find a note that details these halflings were dispatched to assassinate Martella and their party.  Any prisoners were to be brought to the Dignified Repository.  The note was signed The Fantabulous Killer of the Brotherhood of Silence.  That is the second time in two days that they had heard the word Fantabulous, was it a coincidence that the jester in the senate building that Leiko failed to impress also was known as the Wyssilka The Fantabulous?

Finally agreeing to do the climbing, Reina methodically makes her way above and finds a piss filled room that make sher sick to her stomach.  A quick search finds a ring, a spellbook and some rubies.  By the time the hole is cleaned out, Kail complains that he is feeling quite weak from the daggers of those assassins, his strength seemingly sapped from his body.  Reina comments she still hasn’t recovered from that piss filled rat hole above either.

The party finally exits the building and escorts the six remaining nobles to safety.  Lord Wilfen Botoles, Malphene Trant, Jowuan Zubari, Lady Gael Urbaen, Lord Nocious Flamut all tell the party to visit their estates the following day for the reward that they were each promised.

As the party exits the building, they discover the grounds of the senate is a massacre.  Bodies of civilians, nobles and military personnel lay everywhere.  Official reports remain unclear; some insist foreign assassins struck out at Taldor, while others claim the infamous Pathfinder Society attempted a coup, and still others claim the grand prince himself attempted to execute the entire senate.  Surviving senators have fled to their respective strongholds, while the Ulfen Guard has secured the imperial palace and refuses to admit anyone until the matter of succession is cleared. Both Grand Prince Stavian III and Princess Eutropia are missing in the aftermath of Stavian’s attempted slaughter. The city remains in a tenuous state of peace, but the issue of succession is already beginning the divide the aristocracy into a dozen different camps, each insisting its candidate alone has a right to the throne.

The party is approached by a Pathfinder agent of Lady Glorianna Morilla, leader of the Sovereign Court.  He rushes the party to her war room where both sides fill each other in on what has happened.  She lets the party know that their spymaster, Martella Lotheed, is missing and she fears the worst.  When the party fill her in on Martella’s last communique, they quickly narrow the location where she likely being held to a warehouse called the Dignified Repository.

The party quickly makes their way to a large warehouse and surveys the scene from the bushes.  A quick scouting of the area reveals two guards patrolling the perimeter of the building.  Kyra attempts to disguises herself as a card as Reina begins to bribe the guards for beer.  While the guards are distracted, Leiko attempts to pick the lock into the warehouse but accidently jams the lock instead.

While the guards are distracted the party opens the next door into the warehouse where a group of four guards are playing cards at a table.  Acting quickly, Weigraf creates a pit underneath of them and sends the four guards and the table plummeting down below.  The guards all survive and begin shouting and raising the alarm.  It would seem that the stealthy approach was now being thrown out and a brute force assault of the warehouse would be required.


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