War for the Crown - Chapter 2: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur

Session #5 - ARROW-DEAN and the guardian scroll


After the party finishes stuffing all of the loot from the display cases into Kyra Erantide’s remaining free space, they continue on to the east.  Platy Puss opens the door into what appears to be a room full of taxidermied animals.  After search the room briefly, two wolves in the corner rise up to howl but fall apart in the process.  Moments later the large griffon in the center of the room tries to flap its wings, but one of them tears off and falls to the ground.

Apparently this seemed like just the right moment for Platy Puss to poke the broken griffon.  As a spring pops out of the large broken bird, it rips its feet from the display post and animates as it slashes Platy Puss with its last remaining good claw.

Kail runs int to be get on the front line as the party engages.  Platy Puss pokes the griffon again and Kail critical smashes a huge section of the construct.  As more springs pop out, Reina Cailean and Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa fire away at the large bird.  Clearly focused on Platy Puss, the bird continues to claw and bite her until she collapses to the ground a bloody mess.  Kail finally finishes off the large bird, Reina Cailean stabilizes Platy Puss and the cleric Zubari comes in to offer some additional healing to the party.  Platy Puss has to pull Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa from the room as she gets on her hands and needs gathering up springs and other items that could possibly be sold for money.  As the party heads north she can be heard shouting, DUDE MAN, THOSE ARE BULLETS BACK THERE!”

The group moves north into a dusty, long east-west corridor before turning west and opening the next closed door to the south.  Kail walks into a room full of banners and standards and proclaims its empty except for some squares and leaves.  The ever vigilant Platy Puss takes note of numerous CIRCLES drawn over several flags and declares them clearly the work of a mathematical mind.  Kyra Erantide comes into the room and begins to chase Kail around the room in circles as she proclaims the others left with all of the light.  After Kail walks into a dust covered banner and crashes into the wall loudly, Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa comes back to help light their way.

Moving west and south once more Platy Puss declares the door safe and pries it open.  A large, wide room stretches to the south and is filled with plants and berries.   At the far end of the room Platy Puss notes the symbol of Aroden over the roof of a small temple.  Additionally, the party takes note of a potion on a table in the plants.  Weigraf Shlok tries to use ‘Wizard Hand’ to pull the potion to him but shrugs his shoulders when it fails stating “I did my best guys.”

Kail steps forward to grab the potion when a garden ooze lands on him before falling to the ground.  Several members of the party identify the garden ooze and treat it as if it were a bomb, all immediately withdrawing as far away from it as possible.  As they line themselves up for the ooze, it charges ahead and releases its stinky stinkness at Reina Cailean, Platy Puss and Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa.  Before it can be much of an issue though, Weigraf Shlok and Kail combine to kill it. 

They snatch up the potion of bears endurance and are about to exit the seed vault when the image of a tall winged humanoid appears before them claiming to be the god "ARROW-DEAN". When ARROW-DEAN demands payment, Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa rebuts him asking to show what he will do.  A dazzling display of dust sprinkles from the heavens (the ceiling) and temporarily blinds the musket master and the nearby investigator.

ARROW-DEAN demands the party tithe and leave, but a few of the party members see through the improper clothing, pronunciation and other items that lead them to believe it’s an illusion.  After Reina Cailean shoots an arrow into the rafters, a creature appears claiming to call himself Viecar.  He proclaims to be the High Priest of the Ratlands and that he works in conjunction with Dagio the Great, the leader of these lands.  He claims no knowledge of the senate building and states he followed a passage from the Darklands to get here.

Weigraf Shlok starts to leave and implores the party follow him, but Kyra Erantide insists on continued questioning of the creature. After much coercion, the tables are turned on Viecar and he turns over his magic bag along with all of its contents.

Heading east down the long corridor they eventually turn south and into a large library that is overflowing with books on numerous shelves.  Weigraf Shlok detects magic and starts plucking scrolls off the shelves one by one.  After picking up an invisibility scroll he unfortunately unfurls a guardian scroll.   The edges of the paper instantly sharpen to razors and it unfurls to a length of four feet.

Weigraf Shlok tries to run away but the scroll flies after him and wraps itself around his head, suffocating him. He breaks free momentarily and shouts “I’m A WIZARD!” before it wraps itself around his head once more, shutting up the wizard.  Kyra Erantide tries to stop Weigraf Shlok’s bleeding while Kail nearly cuts the wizard’s entire head off with a vicious blow intended to dislodge the guardian.    The damage is too much as the scroll continues to inflict open wounds on Weigraf Shlok and he succumbs to his injuries and falls unconscious.   As the scroll lets go however, the party finishes it off.

They scoop up several more scrolls, get some healing from their cleric friend and return to the beds in the southwest for some rest and recovery.


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