War for the Crown - Chapter 2: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur

Crownfall session #3 - Part 2: Escaping the unknown dungeon

Klaatu Verata Nick, Nick, Nickelodeon!

After being whisked away from a historic epic battle that likely will decide the fate and direction of their nation to destination unknown, the party wanted to immediately prioritize themselves on the most important task at hand: appraising their loot.    After sorting out the treasure from above, the party begins exploring a series of four interconnected rooms that do not possess an obvious exit, though coincidentally enough have multiple working bathrooms with indoor plumbing.

What’s more important that appraising your own loot?  Why, looting someone elses loot and appraising that of course!  The six adventures tear into the dozens of crates that are stacked haphazardly along the southern wall in the storage room.  After looting more weapons and gear, they discover a dusty old fresco of Noble Galitian Maramaxus, hero of the Fourth Army of Exploration, champion of Taldor.  They detect magic coming from multiple locations and determine there is a secret door somewhere, but are unable to open it at this time.  Ever the noble historian, Weigraf Shlok recounts that the Fourth Army of Exploration surveyed and staked a claim to the lands that would eventually be Andoran in 1683 AR, and made a brief attempt into the Five Kings Mountains.  A soldier named Galitian Maramaxus greatly distinguished himself while serving in its ranks.

Moving on they quickly find a large library and though most of the party is wisDUMB, two of sharper tacks quickly point out there is a book on the Fourth Army of Exploration that may hold a clue for them.  Weigraf Shlok pulls the volume out and quickly locates a rounded fragment of glass tucked away in the books cut out pages.  Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa snatches the glass fragment and starts walking around all of the rooms looking through the glass fragment for clues, but only succeeds in bumping into items.

About this time the party simultaneously starts playing with the light switches in the rooms which seemingly are cross-wired and turn lights on and off in strange places as well as discovers the contents of the social room with a bar, tables, chairs and alcohol.  A locked cabinet clearly means more loot, so the party quickly cracks it open and takes the wand, spoon and two bottles of whiskey from inside and studies the mysterious glass circle embedded in the wall.  Platy notes a small section is missing and once she inserts the piece the glass transform into a scrying device which denotes a view of the fresco in the storage room.  Looking closer she sees that Galitian Maramaxus’s gauntlet appears to be glowing!

Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa runs into the fresco room and realizes she can’t see with out Kyra Erantide’s light and calls her into the room.  When Kyra Erantide arrives, the flowing on the fresco disappears.  A series of personnel shuffling and repositioning along with flipping lights on and off occurs as the party determines how best to view the fresco in the dark.   While this is happening, Weigraf Shlok silently strides into the room and walks up to the gauntlet and presses it.  Platy Puss reveals that the glowing stops and now his boot is glowing.  The wizard begins to caress the boot and each of the subsequent glowing areas on the fresco as they shift under his soft touch.  When the fifth and final spot begins to glow on the hero’s groin, the wizard doesn't miss a beat and softly caresses the groin of the hero in the fresco.

With a soft moan and a click the secret compartment opens up revealing a bag of 20 magical gold coins.  Heading back up to the passageway in the north, Mr. Wizard drops a coin into the slot and watches it disappear under the floor.  As the coin disappears out of sight, Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa goes wide-eyed and scrambles to the floor trying to get it back.  Claiming that the coin was worth five bullets, she doesn't want to waste it!

The floor slides away revealing a set of steps descending to a brass lever before a closed section of wall.  Weigraf Shlok ‘wizard hands’ the lever which triggers a mechanism to open the secret door into the next area.

The first thing the party takes note of is a Lord Develin Manshum, a noble from the Exaltation Gala, is laying blood and dead on the cold, dusty stone floor.  Only a few seconds after entering the room, three rare undead appear from within the walls of the chamber.  Quickly identified by Platy Puss as Walcofindes, she fills the party in on their unusual cause of death and wall teleportation abilities.

Leiko “Farshot” Hasegawa’s been waiting for this very moment. A chance to demonstrate to the party why she’s been included in this group of undercover agency.  The moment to prove what a sniper can do to protect and save the team.  The defining moment for the musket master will need to come at another time as she loads the gun she places the bullet in backwards and jams it.   She immediately goes to work in correcting her broken equipment while the noble Kail runs into the fray to slay these undead creatures.  

Weigraf Shlok knows a spell that disrupts undead and calls out “Klaatu Verata ….” And can’t quite remember the last segment as his spell fizzles.    While the wizard continues to repeat his spell over and over trying to get the phrasing correct, Platy goes to work on the Walcofindes with her rapier, methodically whittling away at one with inspiration and then moving over the next. 

“Klaatu Verata Nick, Nick, Nickelodeon!” commands Weigraf Shlok, who once again fails to recall the spell’s exact incantation.

Kyra Erantide and Reina Cailean do their best to keep Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille alive through magical healing, but his positioning between two of the wall teleporters has not faired well and he quickly succumbs to their claw attacks, dropping to the ground in a bloody and scratched pile of mutilated flesh.

“Klaatu Verata Nickodemus!” shouts the wizard as he tries even harder to disrupt the undead.

Finally getting her gun fixed, loaded and aimed correctly, [[:leiko] blasts a hole through the second Walcofinde and erases it from existence as her gun roars loudly in the enclosed chamber.  The last remaining creature drops Kail a second time, bloodying his brilliant clothes even more.

“Klaatu Verata Nicohmygodmyrollsuck!” cries the confused and unlucky wizard.

Kyra Erantide and Reina Cailean try to attack without much success, only inflicting minor damage before returning to healing the unconscious noblemen again.  Binjamet “Kail” duQuaille awakens with a start and looks for a way to flee without much success.  Flailing from the floor he tries to strike the undead creature but is only met with another claw to the chest which sends him back to dying once more.

“Klaatu Verata nickanme!” groans the sylph as he facepalms before the group just as Leiko fires again and finishes the third and final undead creature. 

Healing up after their battle, the party quickly checks on Lord Develin Manshum and determines he will not be returning to the land of the living anytime soon.  They are especially interested in his fancy ring…


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